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Everything you can do now but faster!

Benefits for Residents

Everything you can do now but faster and less buffering. You can use 5G in place of broadband for things like gaming, watching films and streaming, creating an alternative to traditional home broadband.

Consumer choice
With 5G being rolled out by all of the mobile operators and 4G coverage being improved upon, it will increase consumer choice across a range of goods and services, not just in mobile service providers. Access to online shopping and the ability to search for the best deals on products and services will ensure that those in rural areas are no longer at a disadvantage compared to those in urban areas.

Online Services
As local authorities and businesses move more services online, the need to have a reliable connection is hugely important. The increased levels of connectivity provided will result in better access to the likes of online banking, public services, and utility providers.

Social Connectivity
The pandemic has highlighted the need to socially connect with others, and the importance those connections can have on our mental health. Friends and family can stay connected by providing the networks needed to operate social media and communication apps.

Disability Inclusion
The Shared Rural Network will aim to make it easier for those with impairments to engage with others by removing certain barriers to inclusion. The ability to access websites, apps and web enabled services can assist in communication, online participation, and provide access to useful information and guidance to help improve the lives of those with disabilities.

5G Revolution

Faster Connectivity For Residents & Businesses

5G also offers the following business benefits:

Network slicing
This allows organisations to use 5G as a reliable source of connectivity, this is because it is possible to ‘slice’ the network. For example, the network can be sliced for several organisations to use, such as the emergency services, local authorities and local businesses operate on dedicated networks providing reliable and secure connections. This is not currently possible with 4G.

This will enable organisations and businesses use 5G as a backup circuit reducing costs for other connectivity solutions for their disaster recovery plans.

Smart Industries
5G allows businesses to improve efficiency and support climate change by moving towards becoming a smart industry such as; smart agriculture, smart logistics, smart manufacturing or agritech.

Businesses can save resource and time by using 5G to automate processes.

Lower costs
5G can be used to monitor and detect faults, saving money in repairs and labour by catching the issue in its early stages.  

Future proof
Utilising 5G will provide businesses competitive advantage over your competitors in the market, allowing businesses to be adaptative and innovative.