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Superfast Staffordshire was a partnership between Staffordshire County Council, Building Digital UK (BDUK) and Openreach.

This partnership invested over £35million to bring faster broadband services to areas of the county that were not expected to receive private investment. Many of these areas were rural in nature and were outside of the commercial roll out area.

When the programme began in 2013

0 65 %

Just 65 per cent of properties were able to connect to faster speeds.

0 97 %

Now, more than 97 per cent are able to benefit, with tens of thousands already choosing to do so.

Over the course of the programme, more than 82,500 premises have gained access to superfast speeds, using 650 green roadside cabinets. However, in recent years, and thanks to advancing technologies, 6,000 premises received an ultrafast full fibre connection which provides gigabit capable speeds of up to 1000mbps. Full fibre is not only much faster, but it’s also more reliable, less prone to faults and future-proof for generations to come.

Superfast Staffordshire also pioneered the Community Fibre Partnership Support Fund, which gave rural communities the opportunity to connect to gigabit capable fibre broadband through a joint funding approach. Nine communities benefited from this scheme, including Cotwalton, Cold Norton and Brookside Business Park near Eccleshall.

You can view an interactive map which shows where fibre broadband has been rolled out as part of the Superfast Staffordshire project. Alternatively, you can download the PDF version.

* Please note this map provides a high-level overview of the superfast deployment for the Superfast Staffordshire project. The information is not intended to be accurate at an individual premise level.


We are building on the success of the Superfast Staffordshire project which started in 2013 with the objective to get above 24mbps to 95% of the County. As it stands today, we are now at 97%. The challenge now is to deliver gigabit capable access (1000mbps) across Staffordshire by 2030.

So, there is still more work to do, and as well as finding solutions to reach the final 20,000 premises yet to be included in a plan, the team will now focus on increasing gigabit capable coverage in Staffordshire, which is currently at 57 per cent.

The team will work with Building Digital UK to help shape a new £5bn programme called Project Gigabit which aims to address the final 20 per cent of premises across the UK that are unlikely to be covered by commercial operators. In Staffordshire this is set to begin in 2022 and delivered over the next few years.